How do pilots follow taxi lines?

I wonder how does the pilot taxi the plane on the yellow line, what instrument does he use ?? And the same question for the runway centerline.

@Capt_Mazen You can feel the bump as you go over the line, also you can have a BPTGS (Body Part Taxi Guidance System).


I know some planes have a screen with a camera in it of the nose gear and to see if they are on the taxi line


Eyes are their instrument! And of course some pilots use BPTGS or GMCS.
Experience and practice.

With a car it is quite similar, you have your own orientation visual reference to be straight in lane while you are not seeing the line next to your car.

@Flying_dutchman1 visual reference, thanks, was looking for that word.


When you use the same plane, you get to know your visual references of where the taxi line will be relative to you when your on the line. Same for the centre line


It all comes with experience. The instruments do help but a seasoned pilot will know the visual references in the cockpit that he needs to Align to be on the centreline.


Pilots have a dedicated taxi training in the simulator, as with all parts of flight.


In real life, line is life for a pilot.
Look at the name, “airline”.
Everything is line for them.
In IF, its hard to do but it depends on experience.


You should make some mistakes. You will get some experiences. Exper Server only, the ATCs will do their bests.

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