How do people Stream IF?

I am on an Ios looking for a way how people like Blu Games streams IF, Blu is on an Ios as well but so far I have not found out how to do it. I have tried screen mirroring then recording with obs but the screen mirroring is really laggy and glitchy, perhaps I am not using the right software. The Closest thing I have come to is Vidih. Blu actually used this before but he also has an Intermission screen which I really need for this. Is there a way I can get an intermission screen in while I am for example getting into the Infinite flight app so people only see the screen once I am at the gate? I don’t know, if you guys know please reply to this because at this point I am out of ideas.

He uses OBS (Open Broadcast Studio)

yea but that can’t really record his phone screen right? how do you make it so you can get it on the pc so obs can record it, because the screen mirroring I have used is insanely laggy and glitchy

It does work and it’s not glitchy.

well then I may be using the wrong screen mirror is there a way you can screen mirror with obs? or is there a seperate screen mirror program that he uses?

Ah I see, Well I use vidih and I spawn in before I start the stream and. Are a wait screen then go to the IF app.

the thing is I don’t wanna show me going into the app on stream

What do you mean going into the app on stream?

for example you know how blue has an Intermission screen and then the stream starts when you see him at the parking? and not on his phone screen? I am trying to get that

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I me there is now way but too me it does not bother me I use vidih make a intermission screen spawn in bat doer the stream starts.

What device are you using

one of the Iphone 7’s

If you are using OBS you can have a screen with something other than what is on Infinite Flight. Like a wait screen before you are ready for your flight to go live. You just transition from the waiting screen to the mirroring when your ready.


how do you get that intermission screen though? vidih can make an intermission screen?

If you are looking for what he specifically does, you can always reach out to him directly;

Hope this can help :)

Blu uses a capture card which he plugs into his computer to capture his iphone screen. He then uses obs to stream the content to youtube and twitch. many people use screen mirroring apps because they’re cheap but they normally do have a delay.

No no no, I make one my self. But it shows the app.

Yea but I am unsure how to get it to the phase were it can be recorded by obs in the first place, it needs to show on my computer before I can do that

I use Omlet Arcade and just start streaming after I spawn in. I would try that or Vidih before trying OBS. Just my 2 cents.

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cant belive it is so hard for Vidh to let you have an intermission XD