How do people have time to fly?

So I know this isn’t the type of question most people ask, but I was wondering how so many people are able to fly on the live server at any given time. Sure, timezones do have an effect but still how is it possible to always have around 500 people flying on expert? Do these people not work or have a life? I mean, if there was a way I could fly all day every day I would love to know!


A large percentage of those people aren’t active. They takeoff, get to cruise, and either go to bed or maybe go out of the house. It’s also because IF has such a big community! Time Zones do have a big affect as well.


Everyone has a different life so this is a very wide-ranging and not really answerable question. For me it is the 8-12 hours of sleep I get during the night or a little time after school for some short hauls.


So basically all the people flying now are doing overnighters? What about all the people who are flying to the hub airports? It can’t be that all those people are from Asia since IF’s playerbase is mostly North America and Europe.
I personally don’t have any time during to fly since school takes up all my time. I’m really surprised at how those people are able to squeeze time to fly.

I don’t really know what to say. People find time and do a thing they love. 🤷🏼‍♂️


In general people do long hauls from the previous featured region to the new one. For example many people did Vancouver to Tokyo-Narita last night because they got good service and traffic on both ends

I just wish I had more time :(

Why don’t you just do overnight flights it literally only requires 30 minutes on both the departure and arrival

During the week I gotta wake up at around 6:00am and get ready for school. I don’t have time to plan an approach, descend and land.


70% of airplane you see on Map, There pilots are in good night dreamy sleep or just doing other work


Oh if you really love IF you would wake up at 5:30 hahaha. But seriously I don’t think the IFC can sort out your personal life. That is up to you to learn proper time management and schedule your life.


Exactly why I don’t fly on weekdays. I only do on weekends & holidays.

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Yes most people are quite busy like myself, especially with school. However some people like @Ecoops123 don’t have lives and are nuts so they fly all the time no matter what ;)

And then there’s @iidvdii on a whole nother level lmao


Also you perusing the IFC and coming up with the amount of topics that you do shows the amount of time you could spend on flying flights.


Creating topics is simple and fast. Right now i’m on my lunch break. I have time to create topics but don’t have time to fly.

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Well, that’s a little rude… he had a genuine question so he asked us.


Ok before this goes out of control, let’s all just take a second and breathe

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Ah I understand well that sucks and I hope you find a way to incorporate flights into your schedule

I do long hauls while I’m at work. I do short hauls when I’m home - in fact, I’m flying right now.

Sorry if my previous comment came off as rude, I have a habit of coming off as rude even though I don’t mean to.