How do people get the information and gates for live events

Hi i was thinking of starting a live event, but I don’t know how some of these people get the gate numbers and destinations for these flights , can someone help me please

Wikipedia and Flightradar24.

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Type airport code in the search bar, zoom in on gates, write down list or take screenshots.

Or just use IRL gates.

As for flights, Wikipedia, Flightaware, and airport websites are all good resources.

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Oh ok thanks this helps a lot

You could go to the intended flyout airport, and search up all flights on Flightaware or Flightradar24 😉

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I use Infinite Flight. Go to Fly Solo or Online, and search the airport you would like to spawn in. The gate numbers are displayed here.

To get the destinations of flights, I use

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Ok thanks. I think I will use Wikipedia because of all the flight banns and stuff flight radar 24 isn’t good right now so thanks to all who replied

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Wikipedia will give you all flights even if they’re suspended because of Covid

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