How do people get suspended.

Hello IFC. I have seen people suspended for 100 years and I am like, how did they get suspended. What did they do wrong. And who suspended them.

I am also worried if I get suspended, over the past 48HRS, I have had about 5 different things flagged. I’m scared I get suspended.

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Read this post 😊

There you’ll find an overview


As for who and how, that is only for the direct violator and staff to know. All you will know is how long and whatever description is added to the suspension. If you are, or seem to be getting a lot of unfriendly flags, don’t be afraid to reach out to a moderator for assistance to better improve and reduce the amount of flags you receive. Trust me, they don’t bite😊

Adding on, Matt made a fantastic post just a few weeks ago about flagging on another topic, feel free to check it out:

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This is between the suspended user and the moderation team. Please see above for relevant links

Didn’t abide by FaQ, ToS

Anyone from the moderation team.

Ok, thanks

It’s usually someone from the mod team who suspends people. I’ve been suspended once by accident and luckily got my account back a few hours later…

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