How do people get flights lasting hours?

I’ve seen some people saying they had a 3+ hour flight but how is this possible if you hit the end of a region in like 30 minutes?

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They probably keep flying circles around the regions borders.


They make a circular flightplan.


Which to be honest, isn’t the best experience for IF. They are those odd people on playground, cruising at 40,000 FT in a A380 and just keep on circling.


I had a 30 minute flight using the Dash 8-Q400 from LAX-SAN, so I am if people keep flying back and forth they can do that! :)

Fly PHNL-PHTO in a Cessna 172 this is nearly a 2h flight.

  • Smaller planes are slower, therefore the route takes longer.
  • Many people endlessly circle regions

In my opinion, short and snappy flights are often best. Sometimes my flights have been accidentally longer than they should be for example, one of my favourite flights to look back on was so much longer than it should of been due to extremely heavy traffic at EGBB:


Man I love this sort of flights.
Especially when there’s a lot of wind, heavy traffic, you can’t land and you’re holding somewhere for half an hour.
I have a screenshot of a flight which I finished about 1 1/2 hours after starting to descend, just gotta find it.


I seen some fly in Chicago region in a Cessna 172 thet started at the bottom & flew at 60 KTS to the top. He had over 1200 hrs of flight time.

I love making holdings

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By getting out of Jets, Take the Super D out for a spin through Seattle around the 3 peaks or something.

I always do circles around regions borders. All I need are 2 utensils: 1 LiveFlight connect (thanks UFO) and a car, so I can go shopping while I wait for that flight. My DJ flights take about 3-6 hours to complete. :)

I remember the other day in the Netherlands I went from EHAM to EBBR and back then from EHAM to EDDL and back and all four of those flights alone gave me a flight time of about 3 hours combined and 5 hours total of air time and ground time

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why my air speed 250 knots only been allowed … how could so much more than that … ATC FLIGHT SERVER

Same! They’re so pretty to look at afterwards.

Maybe they did some pattern work at their departure, and arrival airport. or maybe made a stop along the way, and did some pattern work. Or they just took a 172 (lol).