How do people get a male ATC voice

Hello IFC. whenever I watch plane spotting vids with ATC on the ES, some peoples voice is male. My ATC voice is female. How do people get a Male voice. Or is it only for grade 3 and ubove. Thanks so much Community😁

Only female voices

In your iPad or tablet settings there should be a way to change the text-of-speech options. Maybe someone can help you get directed to that specific setting. For Samsung you just need to go to settings then type in the search bar ‘text-to-speech’ then you’ll find the setting, for iPad or any other apple devices I don’t really know.

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Search bar on where

Your device settings. I believe you can also change it in-game, but I’m not sure.

My device only has female voices.

Whate I can download male

Are you on iOS or Android?

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Android my friend

Can you go to the IF settings and see if you have any male voices there? It should be under the live tab.

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It’s not but now I have downloaded male voice it works.

Thanks Community

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