How do people afford to take their pilot training?

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First off, I know this probably belongs in Real World Aviation but I’m not at the right trust level yet, but feel free to move it there if you can.

Secondly, how on earth do people afford to undertake their commercial pilot training? With an MPL costing around £95,000, and an intergrated ATPL costing around £110,000 (give or take a few thousand), it’s a wonder anyone is a pilot.

I know easyJet and British Airwaya will act as guarantors to secure any loan you get, allowing you to perhaps get a much greater laon than perhaps you may otherwise be able to, but this still depends on you actually getting on their course.

I know doing it modular is one way to keep the cost managable whilst you study, but say you wanted to do it full-time? And even if you did get a loan, surely repayments would be insane on a loan of such a size?

If anyone has any experiences or knowledge about this, please feel free to mention it - would be very gratefully recieved! I’m a law student who’s slowly coming to the realisation that an office job isn’t for him…


Loans are your Friend and also your Enemy


Never a truer phrase uttered


No one can move it for you. Circumnavigating the Trust Level System isn’t an option I’m afraid. You’ll get to TL2 eventually.

Loans are awkward things, however in the end becoming a pilot is a very rewarding career.


College in the United States for four full years is 200k, becoming a pilot is cheaper.


Well think about the UK. It’s free until you go to university then it’s £9000 a year with the average length of courses being 3 years so most are not used to spending such money on anything like that apart from buying a house.

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I had my parents pay for my PPL. And now I go to a 4 year school with a flight school


I got a part time job as a ramp (assistant at KLAS) Sort of like an internship but I’m still getting payed. I work on the weekends and that helps me afford to pay for my schooling in the US .

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The most expensive schools can get up to $70k a year with room and board

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If it’s aomething you truly want, you find a way. I found an IA that I could work for after work for a few hours each night in trade for instruction and flight time. I had to fork out the gas. I since started working for this IA while training for my A&P, and avionics tech certifications. Which I will have this year sometime. I achieved my priavate pilot certificate in May. Working toward my commercial and instrument now. Bottom line if there is a will there is a way.


Not exactly a great thing to mention, but my parents have been paying for my lessons. Although I should be getting a job soon to pitch in 🤐

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Scholarships and determination. If you’re not able to find a job and do work, search for ways to make money, save your money, and the most important: if you’re not 100% committed to getting your PPL you are just wasting your time.

Last thing you want to do in spend you time and money pursuing your PPL but stop either because you’ve lost interest or ran out of money.



Hope this helps! =D This is what many people tell me to do when I start training for my PPL. Or just join the RAF or any other forces out there as you get it FREE! (EDIT: It might not be totally free but do check here to see more info:

Flight schools or instructors can’t even take money up front

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When you join the RAF how long do you have to be part of the RAF to get your license and after that how much does it cost to convert your license.

I am not totally sure, however, I could find out for you.

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If you could I would appreciate it.

I will PM you the answer when I find the info. It might take me a while.

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Ok thanks I am considering takeing that route so long as tensions in the world don’t rise.