How do keep my plane aligned with centre line after takeoff?

Hey IF community, I’ve been having some complications lately during takeoff. My plane banks after takeoff and I’m not sure why. It sets me off the centreline and messes my departure up. It’s not anything to do with the rudder as I’m applying appropriate pressure if needed. I believe my phone is crooked on takeoff which causes my plane to bank. Is there any way to keep your phone perfectly straight so that I can avoid that? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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What I do is keep my iPad on a flat surface such as a table to make sure it is straight at all times. You could try that and recalibrate to see if that helps.

There was one time I was departing LAX and the plane started a slow left bank after takeoff I was able to correct it and recalibrated my iPad and it did the trick.

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Calibrate just before you start your roll

Or try to “anchor” it against your Body or a table


Make sure auto-coordination is off if it isn’t already when doing crosswind takeoffs.

Also you can check to see if the planes ailerons are not centered while you are taking off by looking at the bottom of the screen it’s should show the attitude of your yoke (in your case your device).

I’ve noticed when taking off my plane tends to bank just after take off if I’m using too much rudder to correct. After rotation if correcting for crosswind your ailerons and ruder should be straightened out slowly after rotation.

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This is a customizable option so the OP may not have the yoke visable.

You might not be able to keep you aircraft straight, winds and whatnot are a huge factor. Take note of the runway heading and stick to it - simple.

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I’ve experienced this before and it is typically due to not being calibrated or you have a crosswind which will throw the plane to one side after you gain speed.

I suggest you watch this video, it will tell you all you need to know:

This video was made by IF

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Along with @Captain_Finck, I also was having a hard time with keeping my plane on the runway heading. I also put my phone on a flat surface (my desk), and it worked. In addition, during the takeoff roll, when there is a crosswind, I angle my ailerons into the wind, but as my speed increases, I start to lessen the amount of aileron turned into the wind. The rudder after takeoff along with aileron help will help combat the crosswind after lift off. Does this help?


Everyone has given great advice. The key to know is that even the slightest wind can have an impact while taking off. You may think that it wont but it does.

  • Turn off Auto Coordination in your settings
  • Calibrate before accelerating
  • Rudder, Rudder, Rudder
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

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