How do I wipe my violations away?

So can u guys help me wipe my violations for this year because i have 6/5 and i need it to go away so do you kmind helping?

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Do you remember when you received your first one? If you go to your grade table, at the bottom there is a button that will show your violation history. When was the oldest one?

Once that expires you will be free to enter the expert server again 😊


There is no such thing as “wiping” a violation. You got the violation, and you have to wait it out till it lapses out if your record. That’s the only way. From the looks of it, you cannot get back down to 5 violations until the oldest yearly tracked violation expires. That can be found out as noted in the post above this one.

Also of note, it’s time stamped and tracked for 365 days, not the year in which you got the violation.

For example, if you received a violation on June 11, 2020 at 16:39 Zulu, then the violation will not expire January 1, 2021 at 00:00 Zulu, but rather on June 11, 2021 at 16:39 Zulu or an equivalent.


Appreciate trying to help, but no need to reply if you aren’t adding anything to the conversation/discussions.

Drummer has already stated the statements in your reply above.


I actually did add another note to the conversation. I was not completely done replying!


oh ok I will see it later and tell u but thanks for the advice

K got it thanks

Ok so my last violation was 32 days ago an Overspeed in-flight 12/5/20

WHAT really

No, you have to see what your first violation was, not your last. With first I mean oldest.

Check your oldest violation (oldest date) and add 1 year to that, and you’ll get the date you can re-access the expert server.

I suggest you looking at the pilot guide before flying in the expert server again as to avoid another violation.

Disregard what I said I was wrong. You need to see when your first violation was.

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How are you G2 and have IFATC selected


mods that should be assigned rather than an option for all users to select.

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IDK lemme check again? I am so confused

OOOOOOOO ok i understand

Thank u all for everything and for helping it all means so much to me @Jack @Rian16 @CaptainLeo1 @Declan_O @DanyyRude and last but not least @Drummer A big shoutout to all of u


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