How do I use the rudder without messing up my turn?

I never really know how to use the rudder in flight can anyone explain to me how to use it properly?:)
Thank you:)

Move the rudder to the left or right slowly, don’t yank it, this will allow for smoother movement.

When taking off with a crosswind always point your rudder in the direction of the wind (ie if the wind is coming from the left, point your rudder left - if this is wrong someone please correct me)

Happy Rudder Usage!


Thanks I did that exact same thing when I was flying the Decathlon a moment ago

The decathlon is not very manageable

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Aeroplanes will weathercock into wind, if the wind is from the left you will get left yaw. To avoid this, during take off and landing, you need to use right rudder and vice versa.


Good thing we are getting a replacement for it in the form of the XClub - a recently announces aircraft coming to Infinite Flight.

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Slide slowly your finger

“Slow and steady wins the race”

Very very true

Not when your racing a Concorde!😂 Also to @NathanD keep practicing and you will get the hang of it.

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