How do I use the custom route on SimBrief?

Hey guys

on SB there are so many waypoints that do not need to be there, but today I see the custom route option, how do I use it?

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While I do not know your answer directly, I highly suggest checking out the SimBrief about page that in-detail explains all the features SimBrief has! I am sure your feature is on here! ;)

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This wonderful tutorial by Chris may help you out :)

If Chris’s tutorial doesn’t help, this tutorial by @AnomalyWaffle should. 😊


Use skyvector for routing, simbrief for pax load lol

Just to clarify, in my tutorial I do not go into detail about the custom route tab in Simbrief. The other aspects of the tutorial may help, however. For example, when the route is automatically generated for you, you can see alternate generated routes pop up next to the main generated route and pick those if you wish.

this will show u da wae:

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I can’t help with the custom route option, but I’d just like to explain what these are.
Those “waypoints” you are referring to are actually airways. These connect to waypoints together. In an FMC/FMS, you can enter these as well as the waypoints. On IF, that is not possible, but obviously SB does not know that. Sometimes they might also say “DCT” meaning direct, or, no airway in particular.


Yep! I was able to figure it out based on your tutorial, so I assume it is somewhat clear. Thank you for the clarification.

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