How do I use the ATIS as pilot and if I want to be ATIS atc?

(look at the title ^)

You can’t be ATIS as ATC right now (unless you are IFATC). Check this out for ATIS as a pilot.

You have to be an expert controller, ATIS is only available on the Expert Server.
Incase you were wondering from where you can apply, here you go. :)


You can’t be ATIS ATC until you reach IFATC. And even then it’s not that hard as it looks when you watch the videos… They will teach you.

And how would you know that?

Thank you for helping me! I suck at atc so I will never become it. But flying makes more fun so.

Take a look at some of the IFATC videos. They’ll help you out.


Don’t say that, if you train you’ll become good. :)

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