How do I use my Logitech extreme 3d pro and my Logitech Flight Throttle Quadrant?

Hello, I just got a Logitech Flight Throttle quadrant in the mail today and I have been trying to get it to work with my Logitech Extreme 3d joystick. I’ve been trying to use Live Flight Connect but it really hasn’t helped. Each of the axis on the throttle are acting like it’s the joystick. The throttle on the far left is inputting as the roll. The throttle in the middle is inputting as the pitch. The one furthest to the right is the throttle. Is there a way to make all three of them read as same axis? All I really want to do is to have my Joystick and throttle both working and not overlapping as they are. Here is a picture of my setup as well. Thanks.

I guess using Map Connect is better

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Never mind I got it. Thank you SOOO much!

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