How do I use ILS and APPR in this situation?

Prior to version 20.1, I set Waypoint manually to give myself enough distance and angle to activate ILS and APPR, but after version 20.1, using STAR and APP would leave me wondering how it works and caused APPR to fail (I could only do it manually).
The following pic shows a situation I encountered in which, assuming an airspeed of 190 knots and immediately entering to the final, how would u do with it (including heading, when to set NAV1, when to activate APPR) so that I can learn, thanks!

Right now your flight plan intercept the ILS no greater than 30 degress!
just be at the right height and smack APPR and there you go!
just like the regular ILS approach

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and If you are doing it right
APPR should NEVER fail

According to you, after entering WOODO this waypoint, should I turn off the LNAV and manually set the Heading and then intercepting the ILS signal in 30 degrees? And at what point would you activate APPR in this situation?

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From using STAR and the APP, my APPR has failed often!

so, all you need to do it this
just fly your star…
when your are nearing the ILS cone, tune into the ILS and then click APPR
no need to put in any heading unless you are flying online
so if I were you I would put in APPR around the way point HANUL in your flight plan
does this help?

and may i also see the replay? if it does fail

You have to be in a 35 degree range to be able intercept the localizer. You would put on ILS/APPR during the turn at HANUL. However if you are more than 10nm away you have to be within 10 degrees. I hope this chart helps you understand.

Ohh I just deleted it… I will try the way as you said, many thanks

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Thank you!

So in my case, from entering the waypoint WOODO, the heading is 290 but the runway is 25, so should I turn off the LNAV then turn heading to 250-280?

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Not sure tbh. The thing is the 35 deg angle is not where you are facing. It is how far/spread out from the runway. If you are right in front of the runway facing north you will still be established. You may have to maintain heading for a whole to intercept if you are more than 10nm away from the Airport.

Got your point, just one more case I want to discuss, in the below situation ( it is a U Shape when you follow the STAR and APP into the runway, in this case, when and at what waypoint you would activate ILS and APPR)

Please excuse my horrible drawing.

The angle is not accurate. It is just hand drawn 😂

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Understand. Thank you very much. 😂 Good drawing

It’s alright 😂 Hope I helped a bit

Hi, actually, I failed with APPR again…
I have uploaded the replay, see here Share My Infinite Flight

Could you please view it and give me suggestions?

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Hi there! Currently I am away from my PC, therefore can’t download the file. I’ll take a look at it ASAP.

That’s very kind of you.

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Right. I am on my PC now. Ill watch it and get back to you soon.