How do I use Google Subscription and log into Infinite Flight using the account?


I’m using a Infinite Flight on a Google Play Subscription, on an Android device. But, I have purchased a iPhone 13 mini, and still want to use the Infinite Flight subscription on iPhone using Google Play. How can I log into Infinite Flight using my old subscription?
Device: iPhone 13 Mini
Operating system: iOS, 15.3.1

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You might have figured it out already as i can see that you’ve recently connected an app account to your Community profile.

But just to be sure;
To access your account w. subscription from a different device, your account needs to be connected to a Community profile (your account on this website that is).

To connect the app account with your Community profile, head over to Settings → Account in the app where you’ll find a “Connect” button.

Once you’ve connected the account, you can sign in using your Community credentials on any device with the most recent version of the app to get access to your subscription and account.


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