How do I use ADF?

I am about to fly a SID that includes an NDB and you can only turn it to ADF. When I turn my NAV tab to ADF, nothing appears on my HDI though, and now I am not sure how I can intercept a course to the NDB anymore. Can anyone help me out?

The user guide includes a topic on how to use NDBs: NDB (Non-Directional Beacon) Navigation | Infinite Flight
Hope that helps!

Thanks! I figured it would work this way, but I was a little confused since I expected a course “line” like with NAV 1 and 2. Thanks for helping me!

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No problem and happy new year! 😉

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Thanks, you too!

Love how you ‘fly’ the SIDS and STARs!

Well, I don’t walk them

As opposed to let the LNAV do the work…

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Oh, sorry. I am too used to the sarcastic comments made on the IFC and thought you had a problem with my wording ^^ Yeah, I usually do a mix of both depending on the complexity, but if I have charts at hand I always try to manually fly it!

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