How do I use a joystick and throttle for IFS

How would one use a joystick and throttle on IFS? I’ve tried to use it but all the tutorials are from 2015 and they all say to download the live flight connect and when I go to the link for it it says it’s out of support since 2020, and if anyon can help, I hav a thrust master ps4 joystick and throttle. Thanks

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Unfortunately, LiveFlight Connect is deprecated and any bugs that may exist will not be fixed. To control your plane in IF, you have to use the Map Connect app for Windows or Mac. To install it, you simply need to find the download link in the thread linked and download the version for your respective OS. Once you’ve downloaded the executable, you need to run it and set up the axes and buttons on your joystick and throttle quadrant.

To connect Map Connect to Infinite Flight, you must ensure that 1. Both your mobile device and PC are on the same WiFi network - it also works if your PC is connected via Ethernet; 2. You have a check mark next to the Enable Infinite Flight Connect option. To check for that, you need to open Infinite Flight, tap on the Settings icon, head to the General tab and scroll down until you find the Enable Infinite Flight Connect option. Map Connect should then automatically connect to your mobile device.

To ensure the control input is indeed coming from Map Connect, head to the Controls tab in the Settings menu and tap on “Use Network Joystick”, then move the joystick or throttle quadrant and check if the axis moves in IF.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need further help!

Thank you so much!, I was reading some other posts and someone was saying that a joystick and throttle is preferred for them and I was wondering how they did it, thank you very very much, I’ve been trying so many way to do it.

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Hey so I went to the link for windows and I clicked download and it’s in a file but I’m not too good with that stuff, I clicked open but nothing happened

That’s a .zip file, basically a compressed package of files. You need a program like WinRar or 7Zip (whichever one you want, doesn’t make a difference) to open it. You then need to extract it to a folder and run the executable - that’s the Map Connect app


So, I actually have a video tutorial for you right here! Also, I could redirect you to the official post for Map Connect if you have any questions.

(video credits go to @CrisYe)

Ah, it probably doesn’t help that my pc is windows 7 though 😅

It should work fine with Windows 7 - but I haven’t tested it on Win7, so I can’t tell you with 100% certainty whether it does or doesn’t work. Off the record and off-topic, though, I’d highly suggest that you upgrade to a higher version, as it poses a big security risk for your PC and the data that’s on it.

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