How do I up my grade faster

I have a little problem… for one flight I get 1000 xp. For sure I make little flight because I have not a lot of time to play so I do short flight (KSAN-KSFO) or (EDDF-EGLL). I’m at 36000 xp and I want to grade 3 more faster, how do I do ?

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Lots of landings. If you have that much xp, you must be missing landings or have violations.

Long hauls are your best friend. I got ~10,000 EXP for doing Newark to Singapore.

Yes I was thinking of you should do more long hauls and landings that will get you to the next grade

You can do some landings because I’m open with ATC at KBUF if you want to try to do some landings

DeerCrusher replying… means good reply on it’s way


That’s not really faster as that’s what OP is asking.

  • Go to an airport with winds above 40kts straight down the runway.
  • Get in the TBM and do patterns for 30 mins.
  • If you do 1 touch and go every 30 seconds, you’ll rack up about 10,000xp or more in that 30 minute period.

@GPilot118 But if the goal is to get to the Expert Server as fast as you can, quality pilots who understand the rules and can fly professionally is what we’d like to see. We don’t want someone who is rushing to get to a certain grade simply to bust the rules and get penalized for their rush only to spend 7 days back on the Training/Casual Server.


I like to do patterns, PVD is a good airport to do so.

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If you dont have much time you should try doing a trans Atlantic flight over seas so you can jump on the same time as you did yesterday and you should still be flying whether or not you landed you should get 5000, to 10,000 xp you should worry more about landings you need 250 for grade 4

Patterns is the word for this topic ;)

To get XP, pattern work is the way to go. If you don’t have time, takeoff, fly for a couple hours, and land when you have a chance. Overnight flights are your friends when it comes to XP.
But you also need landings. You need something like 100 landings for grade 4, so like everyone else, I’m just gonna go with pattern work, or if your really impatient, go to the casual server, takeoff at KEDW, and touch the ground every 30-40 seconds. The XCub is best suited for this.
Hope this helps!
Good luck!

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Ok i think I’m gonna do this !😝

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No I have 0 violations I just need to get 40 000 xp to get grade 3

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I understand, but it’s just that I’m getting tired of others who don’t follow the rules. but in general I respect the rules well and I like realism. I’ve been playing since 2012, all I need is XP.

Try 250 landings for grade 4 then you’ll be close

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