How do i understand what TL i am?


hi. i see basic user, but i dont know what can i do and what i cant. please explain me


Read the thread above, it’ll help you learn and figure out how to get around on the forums!


You have 5 votes, 50 likes per day, able to PM, and able to flag post. Unable to create topic in #real-world-aviation #live:events #real-world-aviation:spotting .

That is all I can think of, and I might be wrong.


It will say next to your name when you reach regular. But for the first few it won’t say. But I think you can start messaging people when you reach TL2


False, TL1 are able to send PM.


Oh alright. Thanks for the correction. I couldn’t remember exactly


When you go to your profile, at the bottom If you expand you will see either

*Basic User = TL1
*Member = TL2
*Regular = TL3


I would like to post a USCG-IF event but that’s a TL 2, correct?