How Do I Time-lapse A Flight?

I was thinking of uploading a time-lapse video to my youtube channel (Infinite Games) and I was wondering what I should use to record the video. please leave suggestions.


Currently there no way to timelapse unless you want to record the whole video and timelapse it. But you can vote here for it to become a feature: Time Lapse for Replay


Hey @WestCoastAviator, you need to use a screen recorder then an editer to speed it right up.

  • If you are using Android 10 or later there is an in built screen recorder. Check this!

  • If you are using iOS 11 or later check this!

Note: Your replay goes in real time :(

Hope this helps!


You can then use iMovie (iOS devices only) to edit and speed up the video. That’s what I use for my timelapses.

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yes but how do you record it??

i voted for the feature!

You would record it using either a screen recorder app or one built in on your phone. Search up “INSERT YOUR PHONE NAME HERE - screen recording” and something helpful should show up!

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In the infinite flight replay system doesnt have a timelapse feature as @ThomasThePro mentioned. You can use any type of screen recorder, and timelapse the video in an editing software. I dont recommend iMovie since the timelapse features are X2 X4 . Other editing softwares have X2 - X∞ (no timelapse speed limit). Hope this helped. Have a great day!

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Hi! Thanks for the question.

  1. Go to settings

  2. Go to control center

  3. Chick screen recording

  4. Go to infinite flight

  5. Scroll down on the right hand side and press the screen recording button.

  6. Press it again when done.

  7. Once it’s saved to photos, go to iMovie, or your easy video editing software

  8. Speed it up as fast as you want it.

    Please Note That This strategy Only Works On iOS devices only.

Thanks again for the question :)

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what screen recorder would you recommend??

what screen recorder would you recommend me to use??

do not need to repeat. what phone do you use?

It depends on what device you use. If you use an iOS device, then go to settings -} control centre -} and add “screen recording”. If you are on an andoird device I don’t really know. Maybe mobizen?

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