How do I tell ATC app to divert me to an alternative airport?

Hey all, I just wanted to ask, how I can tell ATC that Is want to divert to an alternative airport while Im approaching a totally overcrowded airport? (talking about LOWW today, while I was flying circle after corcle). I tried to do VFR and wanted to land at an nearby airport, so that my passengers could do a good walk back to vienna. But ATC hold me in line. Any ideas, thx in advance

While there is no proper way to request a diversion, you can try requesting Flight Following to your desired airport, or requesting an approach at said airport. :)

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Hey there! I believe you could just request departure to the direction of your diversion airport. I would wait for a IFATC Supervisor to respond thought to confirm this, but this is what i have always done.

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Hm. Tried both, after that I was told to climb and turn back to the origin destination

Hu I don’t get it. Therefore I have to be tuned in to Departure frequency?!

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There might have been a misunderstanding then. If you want, you can send a message to your controller and talk about it there.

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Ah ok. I don’t think it’s necessary. I’m not really upset about this. Just wanted to know what should do next time. But as you guys told me, my plan was the right one?!

PlaneGeek is correct, you can communicate your intention to divert to another airport by selecting a new service such as an approach request for the new airport.

I have linked a handy flying guide that we have in place which may answer some more questions you may have… feel free to have a read :)

Lastly, feel free to ask any questions!

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If you change your plan that will help. If your plan is to go to the crowded airport then the controller will think it was just a mixup on the commands. But if you change your plan and request a new airport (if it is serviced by approach) they should see.


Thx guys, I’ll give it a try.

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