How do I tell an aircraft not to land on a runway?

Often I encounter aircraft requesting landing permission on a runway in the direction that I’m sending them out. I’ve tried to give landing clearances for a different runway and pattern instructions, but this is often ignored. What can I do?

Go around might be useful. If ignored, report.

Im pretty sure what im doing is a wrong way of doing it but i select an event is happening at the deny entry =/

Well, another aircraft is taking off so i might be a take off event? either way, i really wish there was an easier way of communicating this. Assuming these people arnt the ignoring kind.

I still have yet to figure how to use the runway closed option using approach. I’ll stick around here for some idea.

If someone calls inbound and requests a runway that is not currently in use and you tell them to enter downwind for another runway and they don’t follow instructions, then a “check help pages” message is fine to send. Or “please follow instructions”. Although I’m not sure how much that will help with on PG.

Question to that, can an Advanced Controller ghost on PG server?

NO. We are not allowed to ghost on PG server under any conditions or the controller could be removed. Not saying we can’t, we just aren’t allowed to.

This is what I do:
Aircraft announces inbound on the wrong ILSEnter downwind correct runway
Aircraft is on finalGo around, enter downwind correct runway
Aircraft is on short finalPlease follow instructions
Aircraft landedYou were not cleared to enter the runway and Check help pages
Whatever the aircraft is requesting on the taxiwayCheck help pages


That’s the best way of doing it @Laurens

That is the right way.

Please wait for clearance before landing