How do I tell a plane to choose another rwy to land on?

If I controlling KSAN airport and uses rwy27, I often meet planes who are inbound and request to land on rwy 09.
Which command shall I give? (so they understand! 8 of 10 just continues:-( )
I do this:

  1. "Enter right downwind rwy27"
    When it won’t work
  2. Go around rwy 09 left turn - 2B: enter right downwind rwy27 (is this right?)
  3. “Please follow instruktions”
  4. “Check Help pages”

I can’t found a “landing on 09 denyed”

Most of the planes just continues and spoil the game for the others. :-( :-( :-(


Contact a scout and they will get you sorted👍


Just direct them to runway 27

If they don’t comply, you’re probably on playground or casual.

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It’s on the Training server. And there I can’t do anything :-(

Even if you say on TS1 no landings accepted on the rnwy 09 they will land anyway…

So what is the best plan?

There is no rwy denied message. All you have to do is give the pilot a pattern instruction and a sequence if needed (ex. Delta 5289 enter right downwind rwy 27, traffic to follow on base). And that is all they need to be given. They should then enter the pattern following the aircraft you sequenced them behind and then all you would need to do is clear them.


I’d recommend avoid controlling places like KSAN on TS1 if you want pilots to pay attention. Airports in the London and Singapore regions are good places to control on TS1 because pilots tend to follow instructions and there’s a good amount of traffic.


I forget that after I have started to put a “Thank you” to the messages. That made a little progress. But in busy times, too many commands makes troubles.

Enter downwind Rwy 27…if they don’t comply, just work with those who comply. I’ve seen people in GRADES 4&5 ignore ATC on TS1!

TS1 is just TS1 not the advanced server

I’m waiting for the pratical test. I see forward to the day I will pass.

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Can’t wait to be IFATC so that I can ghost disorderly pilots

I would have assumed you couldn’t wait to be ATC in order to assist pilots in the safe conveyance of aircraft, passengers or materials from one place to another. Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely.


That too. To help pilots who obey ATC (Expert server)

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People flying on expert are most likely serious pilot, you rarely have these cases happen on expert. But be more prepared before applying for IFATC!

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I give Bfinley1255 right. Absolut!
And understand Kizzyjet
I will be honest… sometimes It will had given me some form of pleasure to could’t gost a terrorist there starts to spam the controller whit 100 Go around messages, just because they couldn’t get there will.

I have experienced numurous times that WSSS is really crazy during rush hour 😂. Including players who arent following instructions and taking off without clearance. Some people also dont understand pattern instructions.

I think this is a good command in case they listen to you

And this if they disobey your instructions

This can only be used when they use a wrong command for a different purpose 😊

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A pattern instructuon to the correct runway, should be sufficient for a pilot.

If he keeps coming inbound to his runway, then yes, ‘please follow instructions’ and refer to help pages. But he probably made up his mind to ignore you…


Here you go buddy these will teach you everything you need to know.