How do I sync my account to the app?

iPhone 11:

Hello, guys. I’m new. It’s not letting me connect my account to the app. How do I connect my account to the app?

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Hello, if you hit your little profile button in the top right while in the app, then look where it says “community forum account,” you should be able to link it there. Are you have technically difficulties linking it or just can’t find it?

I just can’t find it.

Hello there!

To use your account and subscription on a different device that is either using a different platform (iOS or Android), or different account in the store - you need to have your account connected to a Community profile.

Next step is to connect your account with the subscription, to the Community profile.
This is done from the device where you have access to your subscription, by going into Settings → Account and tap the “Connect” button and then enter your Community credentials.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to use your account and subscription from any device using the most recent version of Infinite Flight by simply signing in with your Community credentials.

More information can be found here:

Profile Button>Account>Community Forum Account>Select Google Apple Or (facebook it think?).


You’re saying it requires a subscription?


That’s kind of the purpose :)

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