How do I stop getting this Live authentication prompt?

I haven’t renwed my live subscription so every time I launch IF, this message pops up and sends me thru a series of windows to log in to an account I’m not going to be usig for IF. It’s irritating and I’d rather just jump into solo mode without having to tap thru the series of pop ups to get back to the main page.

Is there any way to get this to stop?

And “renew your live subscription” is not an option

There is an option in the settings

I dont think thats possible.

Happens to me every time. You just have to put up with it I’m afraid 😐

This is supposed to be in #support

What if you go into settings and select the option to remember last simulator mode?

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Done, all fixed


I’ve never used that before. I might try it!

You will still get the message.

Then get a new live subscription xD

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Usually this happened to me several days after my Last activity in Live, I usually re-authenticate it. It’s a bit iritating though 😔

It could also happen if you dont have a Internet connection.

Might be, but I doubt it.

As others have said, try reinstalling.

What happens with these authentication protocols is that it provides IF with an id to authenticate you, but it only lasts for a limited period of time. If it’s doing it on every startup, it’s either the fact that you only open IF once every few months (unlikely) or there’s an issue keeping track of the token. A reinstall should solve it.


It should direct you to google to login again, it usually does it every month or so for me. This isn’t anything to do with paying you just need to login to the google account you used - to verify it’s you.

Ok, thanks everyone for the responses 😃

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