How do I stay at same altitude ?

When I’m about to cruise at an altitude how do I stay at that certain altitude because when I want to stop it keeps on going up?

Use autopilot

Even if I use it it keeps on going up

Have you set the ALT?

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Well, then you haven’t set the autopilot the right way, you have to set the altitude level.

Put your desired altitude into the autopilot, then turn it on.

I do all of it but I keeps going up😐

Do you have VS on?

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Maybe you have set a higher level than your current one when putting the level in. If so, you’re just climbing to reach the level, programed in the Autopilot. :)

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A video would have been nice


The autopilot has been acting weird for me too. I just try to fly manually.

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Try this…Before takeoff set your desired cruise altitude lets say 20000 feet but don’t check it…Take off once you have a steady climb “check/arm/switch on” the AP…use a Vs of roughly 2500…when that’s done check the Alt button…and all should be well…it’ll stabalise at 20000 feet…remember to provide sufficient thrust throughout the climb


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