How do I start a subscription on an iPad ?

Hello Community, I have been playing Infinite Flight for a while and I have been constently trying to get a subscription. When I access the part where you have to pay it automatically says the internet connection is not working. Thi scant be right because our internet always works and was on during the time. Could someone please help me, that would be great

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Welcome to the community! Maybe a firewall or something?

Whats a Firewall??

By the way I think this should be in the Support category. It’s done to keep things organized 🙂

EDIT: Yep, that’s better

Opps sorry I’m new to all of this community page

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  1. Are you using a VPN of any sorts?
  2. From where is the app downloaded?
  3. Can you tell us which version of the app you have? This can be found by tapping Settings and then About. Shown in the top left corner.

I downloaded it from the app store for 10 aud
What is VPN?
I am using version 19.3 and there is no top left settings button

Do you see “Error” on the blue buttons for each subscription type?

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I think settings is in the bottom left

I can’t even get tot hat page it says “Infinite flight is experiencing issues connecting to the serever”

It does not let me sign in

So as soon as you tap “Fly online!” you get the error message?
Can you go check for content restrictions on your iPad.

On your iPad:
Settings → Screen time → Content & Privacy restrictions → iTunes & App Store.

Is anything turned on there?

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I think my i pad is to old and does not have screen time but i have it on my phone and I can get it there but will the subscription work on the i pad?

if i get one on my phone

If your iPad is too old to have screen time as an option in the settings, it can’t have 19.3.
Which iOS version are you running on your iPad?

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The i pad is 10.3.3 an dit say sits 19.3 in the app but I’m not to sure

Okay, update the iPads iOS. It’s almost 3 years old in terms of iOS.

But you should be able to purchase the subscription from your iPhone none the less and use it on your iPad.


The i pad says its up to date which is obviously wrong

Then it’s not 19.3 on the iPad. Most likely 16.3 though… which explains the issue.
Grab a screenshot of what you see and I’ll be able to tell :)

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My friend is using my i pad, I think i will just get a subscription on my phone. Thanks for you help and time

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