How do I spawn onto an event?

How do you spawn onto an event? I have never done it before and it would help if someone told me how. People always tell me watch tutorials but I can’t find any

  • Spawn at the Airport listed (make sure it’s the correct server)
  • Make sure you’re there on time
  • Don’t interfere

Go to the airport and server the event is on :)

By litterally spawning in the designated airport, at the time he event is going on and the server ;) simple as that! And do you really need to make this post?

Adding Patrick’s :

  • Make sure you have followed the NOTAM of the event. It’s basically as same as when you spawned on Live 😊
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Don’t forget to ask for + be assigned a gate at the spawn airport (if necessary) on the event thread!

All of the above! Man, the community has become fast!

Do I have to have infinite flight live


Yes of course because it is a live event.

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