How do i send one of those "attention all aircraft" messages?

I fly alot on IF, like i mean alot. And alot of the time i hear on atc messages like: “attention all aircraft, airport xxx tower/ground is closing in 1 minute” or “attention all aircraft, frequency is busy”. It would be great if i knew how to do this. Thanks :)

Broadcast Message would the menu you are looking for.


Ok, and where will i find that?

It’s number 6 or 7 (can’t remember off the top of my head), it’s right by Misc. Messages.

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First click on any pilot. Scroll down the ATC list and find (I think) the 12th button that says Broadcast Message.

Keep in mind only ATC is able to send these messages


Ok thanks you

Wait, im just after checking, dont think that message is there

I clicked on a pilot and went to misc messages, no broadcast mesage.

You have to click on an aircraft as if you are sending them a message, then scroll down to Broadcast Message, and then select the message. It is not within the Misc Messages, it has it’s own section!

Never mind i got it!

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