How do I send a DM?

I am trying to send a message to another individual but I do not know how to, if that makes sense. I’ve clicked on said persons profile but there is not option to send a message directly to them. How do I go about doing that?

Take a look at one of the many pinned topics in #meta These will help introduce you to discourse and the community rules and guidelines. The linked topic below has a section on sending a PM. Additionally as a brand new user you are limited on sending PMs. Stay active for a short time and it will be enabled.

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If you click on a person’s profile and you don’t have an option to send them a message, it could mean either of those 3 things:

  1. The person has closed their inbox, so no one can send PMs.
  2. The person has muted or ignored you.
  3. You still do not have enough Trust Level (minimum: 1) to send PMs.

Judging by your profile, option 3 is the case. I hope this helps!

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makes sense, thank you!

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