How do I see my Trust Level?

Sorry for all of the questions… But how do I see my trust level?


I’m on Android and it don’t work that way.

EDIT: This is what I get.

You’re currently TL0 (new user).
After gaining TL1, you may be able to see your TL.


Nope. All I get is my username. Bio. Callsign. VA.

@Kaleb99j_REAL As you’re a new user, you currently don’t have a trust level. Well, you have one but it doesn’t show for you.

You’re currently at TL0 “New user”. You will be promoted to TL1 “Basic user” any moment now.


How many trust levels are there in total?

There are 5 trust levels, three of them can be acquired automatically. The top one TL4 “Leader” can only be granted by moderators or staff.

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I think you earn a badge every time you go up a trust level. Maybe check your badges? If you don’t have any about trust levels your probably TL0.

You are currently trust level 0 because you are a new user. You will know when you gain a level because it will appear in your badge collection. E.g. TL1: Basic, TL2 : Member. You cant specifically search for your trust level, but you will be notified when you reach a new trust level.

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