How do I see my landings, violations and online flights?

Help guys
I have 123 hours of flying and more than 100k xp with 100% standing but I don’t know how can I see my landings violations and my online flight? Log in with your facebook or google account there

I suggest you to check LiveFlight. An example how it looks

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Hi I have the same problem I’ve tried and just tried live flight but there is nothing there stating my violations or grade ? Any other ideas guys thanks.

Do you have access to the advanced server?

Max Sez… Until the Stats are available per a future change you only have the two pad option unless yr a geek!. Run IF with an active flight on the IF App on one device and See yr Stats on that Marvel “Live Flight” on another. I use an IPad/IPhone combo.

in the dedicated website . If you login with google or Facebook etc… then just press one of those tabs and then it should sign you in immediately.

If you need more help, just ask! :D

Also please can a regular change the topic to Support rather than General

This has already been answered, there’s no need to clog support with this:)

sorry :), but I just want it to be in Support…

Oh, well David checks all threads in “Support” and we don’t want to put unnecessary posts there.

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I think so but I will go to support as we seem to be getting a row here I’m new to this site it’s hard to get the just of things thanks all … Soft landings x

Yes I have access to advance server