How do I run my IF smoothly?

Ok guys so i am playing infinite flight and i know already i need a powerful device and the only powerful device i have is an iPhone 7 but i forgot the passcode to it so how do I run it smoothly on a slow Snapdragon 439 chip? I don’t want to buy a new phone bc i want to save money.

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What is the device with the Snapdragon chip?

A 2019 Vivo Y11

Given the device is only a year and a half old, I would expect it to run on High settings.

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Well with low airplane count well things can go wrong lol

You will still be able to see the aircraft that are in close proximity so there shouldn’t be any issues 😉

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Oh ok then

I would initially turn down graphics settings then continuously increase them bit-by-bit to figure out which settings suffice yet still run smoothly :)

Personally my airplane count is on medium and it runs quite smoothly despite my device being almost 7 years old

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