How do i reset nav 1?

Hey…im doing a return flight now…i set the nav 1 for my first leg of the flight…now im flying the return leg but i see the nav 1 of the first leg still select when i click on nav…is there any way to reset the nav 1 ?

Thank you…

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Set it to something else


oh alright thank you…so we should set it to another runway ? Is there any reset option ?

there is no reset option and remember to reset the NAV1 back to GPS as so you follow your FPL and not the Runway heading lol


Haha yea…but i fly with gps and nav 1 selected to calculate the distance between the runway and my altitude to align correctly…

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Can’t you just set it in your nav 2 then?

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but only the nav 1 option is available to use…nav 2 is blocked out…

If you want to set a new/different runway as NAV1 you simply select it and it will override the previous selection (as was said above).

No way to “reset“ it in my knowledge.

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Alright thank you…

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