How do I request a review of an airport layout?


This is a very informal and short inquiry about how could I make it visible to the airport editing team that I would like them to review a certain airport’s layout?

Like the ones in the Blog that say they have been updated when there is an update!

In my case, Lafayette Regional Airport (KLFT) layout is completely outdated to what is it today and doesn’t make much sense as there is only one parking spot that says “Terminal” even though in real life there are 5 gates which you can btw actually see from the map (P.S: It is my home airport so I am sure of what I am saying).

I ask this here because the community has changed its rules so much I don’t even know when’re to post this.

Anyone can replay to this,

Thank you!!


Airport Editors are currently not taking requests.

Editors are a group of volunteers separate from Infinite Flight working on these airports and do have the ability to pick and choose what airports they wish to work on.

If your airport has not yet made it into the app it could be in one of three stages:

  • Not yet started
  • In progress
  • Completed but not released

But rest assured, that the airport has not been forgotten. Many factors come into play when considering an airport for release. The airport will come when it works well with the other airports that will be released with it and what Infinite Flight has planned for the future.

Thanks for your understanding!


Alright thank you so much!

I actually applied for being an airport editor and help with that, but I never got my answer back haha.

Anyways, thank you good night!

Rest assured you haven’t been forgotten. Small groups of ~50 applicants each will be added periodically, you just need to be patient and someday in the future you’ll get an invitation :)

Have a good one!

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