How do I report someone

Hello I have a person on my parking gate he spawned on me and been sitting at my gate for at least 5 mins.

I want to know how to notify the ATC

This is the expert server and it’s really not legit i am dissatisfied

There’s really nothing you can do unless he taxied into your gate. Then yes. That would be considered a report


Park somewhere else, maybe? We can’t dictate where they spawn and when they leave as ATC.


Don’t let him ruin your day. Spawn yourself somewhere else. That’s what I would recommend!

He parked somewhere else and then left and spawned on top of me

Not much ATC can do unless he taxiied into your gate. Just spawn somewhere else

Yeah he landed and parked at the parking spot next to me and then left and joined back spawning on top of me

It’s really annoying i just did my FPL and everything

Based on what you are saying there is nothing you can do. Just pushback out of him and start your flight.

Oh well, I guess that’s what I’ll do . I made the topic because it happens too often and gets on my nerves sometimes !

He should leave soon. I would suggest to wait patiently until he leaves the flight.

This happens to other people also. You just have to accept that some people just do this. Unless they taxi into you they can not get reported.

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Alright thanks everyone for replying . I’ve decided to call it a night .

Cya in the skies

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