How do I report someone?

Yeah and do pattern works at KLAX

Ah, well…that’s quite typical of LAX @ TS. 🤷‍♂️

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If it ever becomes a serious issue, like if the pilot is disrespcting others, then you can contact a mod and they will help you out with it :)

Hopefully they fix the report button

He’s spamming go around 20 times

They’re probably not going to. You are welcome to join IFATC though where it actually does work.

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ABout to join soon

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And if you are ever training to become IFATC, airports such as LAX, JFK, EGLL, and SFO are not the best to practice at

ok that probably requires some moderation.

Your profile says you’re grade 3, so why not fly on expert server?

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I’m practising my ATC at Training server

Just need meet 500 operations

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He’s gone now good

If you want to practice your ATC skills in the training server and you would like to join /already in IFATC recruiting process, I suggest you to open an ATC tracking thread. There you can open airports (I suggest little ones with less traffic and try to avoid busy TS hubs like EGLL, KLAX, KJFK, OMDB, etc…) and experienced people from the IFC will come and provide feedback on your ATC skills is you can improve step by step. Perhaps also IFATC members. Down below there’s the link to “how to create an ATC tracking thread”:

I hope everything is clear and if you have any further questions don’t esitate to ask in PM!

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I just need reach 500 operations that’s all then I can apply

But you can still create a tracking thread on IFC and practice, then apply as well

Nah I will be right hopefully

Yes, as Viganesh said, you can create a tracking thread with also 0 operations and then apply with 500 operations. You can check the thread below for any other informations:

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I got 500 operations now all good

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Just a reminder it only works for supervisors…

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