How do I report an atc controller

I was flying out of OMDB and I was reported for supposedly not keeping separation from other aircraft on departure even though it is his job to make sure we’re keeping separation this has never happened to me and I’m always lenient with atc but it’s Time it’s just dumb and I was brought down to a grade 2, I honestly can’t believe that theses atc have the power to do that I won’t be paying for global just to be reported when some random person feels like it



Please check your logbook for the name of the controller and tell us here, so we can tell you the person’s IFC account so that you can contact him and discuss via PM :)

There is always a valid reason to why you were ghosted. It is your responsibility to keep separation with an aircraft. In the real world, when a plane crashes because it collided, will the pilot blame the ATC for not separating him, or would it be his fault?


Which server was this on? Do you know the controllers name? If this was on expert you can PM him.


It will say comments and one report
Click it.
Find ATC name.
PM ATC. Check guide to appealing ghost post A guide to appealing ghosts


Expert, as OMDB is featured today.

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No need for further replies until the OP provides us with the controller name.


There name is zuhair mazhar

@Zuhair.Mazhar is your guy. Send him a PM and he’ll get back to you when he’s done controlling.

Ok thank you

This is the perfect topic it to demonstrate why it is important to always take a breath before sending something especially when you’re angry.

I do understand your frustration, I wouldn’t want to be ghosted as well. However it is important that we stay respectful.

„Hey, I got reported for not maintaining separation. I think that ATC did a mistake here, what can I do?“

That sounds a lot different, doesn’t it? We already found your controller now, so there isn’t much left to do from our side. But my advice to you: Take a breath before posting something, read it again and when you’re still sure it’s alright, then send it 😊

Good luck!


Will be handled via PM. If you need further assistance please message a member of the moderating team.

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