How do I reply to a post?

Hi there guys, I researched this inquiry but I have not found the answer I was looking for. As the title suggests and as you already know to earn trust levels you need to reply to post, however I do not know how to post a reply to a post already made. Could someone give me more accurate advice?

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You press the reply button at the bottom of a post, I would recommend taking the new user tutorial with @discobot to learn more.



To add on to @Qantas094’s post, press the blue reply button if you’d like to reply to the entire topic. If you want to reply to a specific user/post, hit the white reply button (as shown on the right of Qantas’s image).


Just note that the requirements for discourse is different than the ones on IFC. This due to the fact so people don’t TL farm, meaning that people deliberately gain Trust Level, when they actually don’t deserve to be of an higher TL.

So in order to gain TL, be active and positive on the forum. Be respectful of others and helpful, and with time you’ll receive a higher TL :)


@Captain_JR Understood, thank you!

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Duly noted @TaipeiGuru

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Thank you! I understand better now.

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@TaipeiGuru thank you, duly noted. I appreciate everyone’s help with this matter and hope that other pilots will find this post as helpful as I have.

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You’re welcome mate.

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