How do I refuel

Hi is there a way I can refuel I have a long fight and I am almost out of gas

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Well, if you are not in a military plane all you can do is land and refuel.
Otherwise you can ask someone to come with a tanker (a plane that refuels other planes) and refuel eachother.

  1. It is called fuel, not gas. If not it will be regas 🤣

  2. Nope if you are in live and on a commercial jet.

You’ll have to see how much fuel you have left, and how long you’ll be able to fly before you’re out. Then you’ll have to divert to a suitable airport (if you make a new FPL to that airport it will show you how much time it takes to get there. You’ll then land, park, and then refuel. And then you’re on your way to your destination!

Great thanks is there a button I hit to refuel?

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Hit the pause button (the 3 lines that looks like a hamburger), it’s in the bottom right. Then click The “weight and balance” option. Then you can refuel your plane with the sliders it provides.

Alright thanks I appreciate it

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No problem, anytime!

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