How do I record my flight?

Hi, I got a Samsung tab E and believe that you can record your flight, how is that posible? Please explain ((; thanks

There should be an option in the pause menu

Where abouts ?

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What pause menu, the one in the flight or the start of when you open the app ??

Start a flight, then pause

Ok thanks ((;

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Is the recording feature only for tablets? I have an iPhone 6 and there is nothing in the Pause menu that lets me record

It is not available for IOS. If it ever will be, I’m not sure.

Someone at FDS said it will come eventually. Not sure who though…

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I still can’t find it !!

The in-app recorder is available only for Android.

Try downloading AZ Recorder.

My Device is Samsung A3 But I can’t record anything

Which Android? Because the in-app recorder is available for Android 4 and up.

My Device is an A3 (With Lollipop O.S)

Then it’s Android 5, if you don’t have the recorder maybe you have an old version of IF. If that’s not the case, I can’t tell which problem you have.

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Take a screenshot of your pause menu and also tell us your IF version.

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I go a tab e, thanks I’ll download the app

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If you own an OS X computer you can plug your phone into it with Lightning to USB. Then open QuickTime Player and there should be an option to record the iPhone’s screen.

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