How do I put a username

Not sure how to put a username check and it said “no username”

Hi, can you clarify what you may need assistance with? Is this problem in-app or on the IFC?

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I believe you are referring to connecting your IFC account to in-game? Please clarify as Naro said.



But how do I do that

Yea my friend told me you have to connect your forums account to IF to get your username shown in game

Alrighty, thank you for the clarification. Please follow the steps 👇:

  1. Press connect IFC Profile under “Account”
  2. This will prompt you to sign-in under a different tab.
  3. If no error codes appear you can confirm it worked as appeared by the picture above!

(If an error code appears let me know)

Ok thanks Ill get back to you if anything

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Looks like you were able to successfully connect your account.

how do i see my username


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