How do I put a Google Form on a Weebly website?


I’m making a new website for my VA and I was wondering how I can implement a google form. All help is appreciated!

You will need the embedding code.

Maybe this could help ?


How am I able to get that?

Just put the link to the form on the website.

Maybe by adding HTML section then put a sort of integration code

Okay go onto the form and in the top right corner click that paper plane. Once you have done that click the arrows facing different directions and then copy that code.

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I know there is officially no way to stop you, but as this is an Infinite Flight community, wouldn’t it be better to simply google it or ask in a technology forum? :)

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@GoofierLeek when you go to share the forum click get embed code. This should show a code, copy and paste the code onto your site just as text. The form should then display.

Weebly gives you the option to insert a google form where you want already, does it not? The last time I checked, it worked for me, if you could stand by I could try and play around with it :)

I think it says it in the title ;)


I mean pretty sure Weebly gives you a tool to put it in. If not, go to the Google form, press share, press HTML, then copy and paste the HTML into an HTML tool in Weebly.

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