How do I post in Real World Aviation?

Hello, I cannot seem to be able to start a RWA topic. Is it because my TL is too low? If it is, how do I see it and get up to the proper TL?

Thank you and Happy Landings



In order to post in Real World Aviation Spotting Features Events and VA you must be TL2, keep liking, making meaningful posts, and maintain day to day activity on the forums and you will be there in no time.

More on Trust Levels down below.


You need to be TL2 (basic member) to post in #real-world-aviation

Refer to this for more information:

Do you know how I can get up to TL 2?

Continue to contribute to the forum in a positive way, and you’ll get there in no time!

Ok thanks, I will be sure to go through this.

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