How do I post a livery request blog?

Hey guys, I was just wondering how I could post livery request blogs for people to vote. I’m not very sure about the voting part and also not too sure about how to get the topic to go in “liveries”. I have a few Cantonese airlines’ liveries in mind such as Cathay Dragon A330 since the new a330 is out. Just trying them because blogs about these aircraft are all from more than 2 years ago when the old a330 still existed. Just want to try and see what people think about it thanks.

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Features , but make sure your request is not duplicated

It seems like i still have to use IFC more to upgrade trust levels, i just got upgraded which means I get to post in features now?

Here you can see the all what you need for to upgrade your trust level, if the “new post” button is highlighted , then you can create a request making sure is not duplicated

What happens if it duplicated?

It will be closed by a moderator. If there is an existing Features topic that has not been active for 3 years, you may flag that for closure and make a new one.

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