How do I PM??

Hi everyone I am trying to PM someone to appeal something but i cannot find it and isn’t by the profile. Any help is appreciated thank you!

Hi, to PM someone if you find their profile like yours that’s a R button you press it you’ll get a box up in the right corner you should see a blue message click that and begin typing your message that becomes a PM

If you need to find someone specific first on your header look for the magnifying glass type the username as you add characters you should see a list appearing until you reach the exact match them choose it you’ll get their pop up and go from there to the blue message box and PM them

Hello @Iloveairbusa350,

Per your current trust level, it does not allow you at this time to make a PM. You must first be at a TL1.

Here are is a link regarding trust levels here on the IFC. Hope this message finds you well.

You said you’d like to appeal something? Did you receive a violation? Is there something I can help you with?

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