How do I PM a Member of IFATC recruitment?

Please would someone me how I pm a IFATC recruiter thanks


You’ll need to be a basic user (TL1) in order to PM. Once you have access, contact one of the fine people listed here:


@Anthonycolon51 He’s asking how to pm, not to join, and he’s TL0 so he can’t pm anyway @Mmmm_Butter continue to positively contribute to the forum, keep liking, posting, reading and you’ll get to TL1 in no time at all!


Welcome back to the IFC! You are now a basic user (TL1) so you should now be able to click on a profile and message them. I’d you’d like more info on this check out this post:

My inbox is always open if you need any help!


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Just out of interest, how did you journey from ‘being away from this forum for 6 whole months’ to ‘I want to contact an IFATC recruiter’?


Vatsim took me

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…but they let you go again.


Also I recommend ensuring that you meet all the requirements before applying as your application will be denied if one of the requirements isn’t met.

Also make sure that you include all the information required when you contact the recruiter found in the IFATC Recruting topic linked above.

FYI, “butter” in the name does not bode well for an optimistic outlook. The last guy I took on with that word included had results that were… less than forthcoming.


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