How do I open the VA

I want to know why I can’t open VA. I have a group of friends we want to open VA

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Hey there,

Let me tell you the essential steps to become the CEO of your new VA:

Step 1: Be a TL2 member on the IFC

Step 2: Go to and look for an airline that hasn’t been made a VA of yet.

Step 3: Prepare yourself for the application for your VA to be reserved.

Step 4: Follow the guidance of IFVARB members and reviewers.

This may all sound easy, but it’s very hard as you need a website and a lot more.

Good luck!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I’m the Chairman of an IFVARB-approved VA.

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You need to contact IFVARB and get it approved

Please reference for information regarding the requirements, as well as the application process.

As I can see by your profile, you are currently Trust Level 1 (Basic), and you must be TL2 (Member) to apply. Stay active, like, and post, and you’ll get there in no time. Please make sure that you also reference the community rules and category guidelines for further details.

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Check the IFVARB tab on the VA section. They give you a complete and professional detailed view on the requirements and information on making a VA.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I’m creating a VA right now and some notes that I think everybody should know are;
-Take time and care, especially with websites
-Think is unique event or operation ideas
-Get a few people together before making a VA so you can split up the heavy workload
Best of luck and I hope to see you in the skies!

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I made ming all by myself, only had some friends help with a little bit of it because I couldn’t get it to let them edit it.