How do I "Onebox" a link?

Hey guys. I’ve been wondering about how some of these people “Onebox” their links to these websites like Wikipedia or other informational aviation websites.

Credits: @CaptainOliver
Can someone tell me how to do this? I really want to do it on some of my posts/replies. Thanks!

By the way, my question has been solved. You can either view this topic for info or search for other tutorials on this.



Just paste a link and it should expand. This gives you the badge. For example


I’ll test it on here to see if it works.

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Thank you @Ondrej! I now have the badge and now know how to do it! This topic can be closed but people can use this topic and then they can learn how to do this.

No problem @Mr.Oof :)

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For more on how to use the IFC I would like to recommend you the topic below:

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Thank you for helping me with my problem @JulianB ! It means a lot to me.

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No problem at all, glad I could help! Most credits here go to @Ondrej though. :)


BTW for those who come and view this topic, you can use this as an informational page on how the “Onebox” a link. :)

Instead if I could, I might make a simple topic on “How to “Onebox” a link”

I don’t think that is needed as people can search on how to do it.

Oh right don’t want to duplicate a topic on that

Sorry for not responding but I was sleeping 🙂

It’s fine. I used one of your replies as an example for this topic

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